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Sunday, 7 March 2010

India - only country where majority community is persecuted ?

While i was glancing over some news reports today, a news in a small insignificant corner attracted my eyes.

" A Kerala Christian priest has been arrested for alleged sexual abuse of a minor girl inmate of a hostel run by Orthodox Church at Pothukal in Malappuram district in September last year. The victim is a student of Catholicate Higher Secondary School run by the church.

Father K G Joseph alias Father Habib Joseph was arrested and produced in a local court on Thursday. He, however, was granted bail."

A Christian priest who is sexually abusing a minor which is legally and constitutionally a Crime!, gets off with as much as a small mention in the media whereas if the same act was done by a Hindu monk you all know what would have been the reaction. Recently alleged tapes of Swami Nithyananda (identity yet to be proven) and an adult woman were aired and splashed across all possible media channels and newspapers with gross and vulgar 24 hour coverage as if it was the biggest calamity happenend on Planet Earth!

We fail to realize or even take note of so many basic facts:
1) identity is yet to be proven. Unless proven no one can be branded as a criminal as per law. then why such over the top reaction?
2) even if the extreme view is taken that it's genuine, there is no legal case as the two persons involved are adults and there is obviously no force involved.

What is happening to this land of Bharat! Are we simply playing like pawns in the hands of vested foreign interests and crusaders of conversion and Jehad ?

Do we even realise who our protectors are and who are the enemies? Time to take stock and wake up before it is too late. One Jaichand was enough to lead this country into thousand years of slavery, let us not follow in his footsteps. Stand tall like the sons of this soil - Shivaji and Vivekananda! With some intelligence we can clearly see what is happening is a deep conspiracy against the very roots of this beautiful Vedic dharma. Lets not fall prey this time. We need Swami Nithyananda - a true giant who has done many lifetimes of work and service for vedic dharma in this young age of 32!

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