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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Paramahamsa Nithyananda: A culprit or a victim?

Swami Nithyananda is the word ruling the search engines, social networking sites and the media circles alike. All this just because of a sex-tape recently revealed but not yet verified by court.

It is shocking to see that neither the place, time nor the identity of the women has been disclosed in a tape which has taken the entire nation by storm. The only thing repeatedly perpetuated is that the person is Nithyananda whereas the possibility of a fake video or an imposter being involved cannot be ruled out. It’s difficult to understand that how in the absence of such vital facts the person has been assumed to be Nithyananda.

Even the origin of the tape is ambiguous with Sun TV obtaining the tape from some undisclosed sources and then repeatedly telecasting the tape. Gradually all the media houses imitated the same just to increase their TRPs without having any verification of the tape or any consideration whatsoever regarding the reputation of a person whom millions of people hold in high regards worldwide. There is every possibility that by the use of graphics the content of the video can be manipulated. The video is murky at some crucial places and other discrepancies are also present. Not only is this Defamation but is also hurting the religious sentiments of the people at large.

Conspiracy may be hatched against Nithyananda due to certain vested interests of the powerful lobbies. Land-sharks had an evil eye on the lands donated to the organization by devotees for construction of schools and hospitals. Even the channel was already prejudiced against the Swami, as he had earlier declined to write his popular spiritual column for ‘Kungumam’, a Tamil weekly from ‘Sun TV’ stable. Certain religious cults and politicians were afraid of the swelling number of followers of Nithyananda as this posed a threat to their political and social standing so they were willing to do anything to uproot this threat. This could be a part of a “much larger conspiracy” to malign both Nithyananda and his institution by projecting his “morphed” images with an actress. This video could have been made in order to blackmail the Swami as even before the “so-called expose” by the TV channel, CDs’ with ‘morphed images’ had been e-mailed to him several times.

The action of the public as witnessed cannot be spontaneous it must have been meticulously planned and executed by someone. There has been mass violence and Ashrams of Nithyananda have been brutally targeted with large-scale destruction of property. A huge mob managed to break the police barrier and indulged in smashing window panes and putting “huts” inside the] ashram on fire. All this destruction could not have been accomplished in the absence of any prior planning. Care has been taken that no stone is left unturned to ensure that Nithyananda is completely subjugated this can be observed from the fact that when violence was at peak instead of restoring the law and order situation the forest department raided the ashram premises but to their dismay they found no serious violation of law like animal-skin or trees being cut but were able to seize only 20kg. Sandal-wood An Ashram has to have plenty of wood for havans and various other spiritual functions even then this was displayed as some major crime on the Ashram’s part. So they must have acted on the hidden motive to nail Nithyananda on one pretext or the other. Sometime back the Ashram authorities had themselves registered a police complaint that a sandalwood tree in the ashram premises had been stolen this wood could well be from that stolen tree.

Another rumor doing the rounds is that Nithyananda has gone underground whereas the fact is that he has gone to attend the biggest spiritual gathering of the world “Kumbh Mela” in Haridwar where his attendance is obvious and was planned last year or even before and was well known to the general public. So he is certainly not underground but is fulfilling his religious obligations.

Nithyananda never proclaimed him to be God but always stressed that God is omnipresent and you should try to explore God within yourself. This he did by telling people to live and radiate “Living Enlightenment” and merge into universal consciousness which is realizing “Aham Brahmasmi” that you are God. So there arises no question of cheating the people by posing as God.

Even if we blindly accept the video to be true without any verification by authorities or by the court then also we see it as a blatant violation of the Fundamental Right to Privacy which not only the Constitution envisages but is also enumerated in the International Covenants.

Nithyananda did not do any obscene act in public but in his privacy if he did anything at all so he like all others is also entitled to right to privacy and anything cannot be publicized in any manner to the public leave alone the extremely defamatory sense in which it is poured on the platter for the people. As per Indian law it is perfectly legal for two adults to indulge in consensual sex. Not only was the consent present on the part of the women in the video but they were provocative in their action as could be seen from the video. So we could very clearly infer from the chain of events that not even in the extreme remote possibility has Nithyananda committed any crime but has been subjugated and victimized in a meticulously planned manner .The media should exercise restrain and try to go deep into the conspiracy to come out with the true story of Nithyananda’s victimization.

Another thing worth noting here is that there has been no complaint against the Swami from any directly affected party. Nithyananda’s lawyers alleged that actress Ranjitha was even “threatened” to make a complaint against the Swami, which she refused. No guilt can be presumed until the charge has been proved beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. Building a reputation takes a lifetime but it takes seconds to malign that reputation of a person and immediately he turns into a perpetrator in the public’s eye. India has “Rule of law” which states that no one is above the law therefore be it Swami or the powerful conspirators they should be duly penalized for the wrongs committed. So this “false propaganda and defamatory statements” against a law abiding true person should be stopped with immediate effect. Media should not become a tool at the hands of some powerful businessmen and politicians.

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam is a worldwide movement which is committed to bringing about a true awakening for all, irrespective of race, culture or nationality. Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been a transformational force in the lives of over 2 million people across numerous countries around the world. Nithyananda is reviving the timeless Vedic wisdom in the light of modern living and creating opportunities for the powerful transformation of the individual and the community.

Schools, medical camps, free meals, meditation programs, Vedic temples, free discourses, etc. are being provided for the betterment of the public.

“The good is oft interred with their bones” was said by Mark Antony for great people, this quote seems to be true when the case of Nithyananda is examined. “Truth alone Triumphs” so whatever be the conspiracy a true and innocent person like him is bound to come clear.

All of you has had a glimpse of the scandalous sex tape, yet to be proven by the Court. Lets now look at the work of this great enlightened master for last 7 years and not forget that completely.


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Anonymous said...

First of all, I want to give my unconditional support for Swamiji and the wonderful people of his ashram. I admire their courage and strength.

I just watched the You Tube video of the press conference with a few of the Brahmacharayas of the ashram and their patience with the reporters is incredible and very admirable.

As a person who has worked within media circles, I am not exactly shocked by the media's behaviour. Sex, video tapes and lies are what make stories "newsworthy".
Frankly, this isn't journalism, but a smear campaign.

It always seems to be that those who strive to bring goodness, peace and beauty to the world are attacked by some sort of "scandal" or their reputations are called into question. The Buddha, Jesus, Osho, but also Mother Theresa and even the late Princess Diana were not immune.

Even if Swamiji has had sexual relations--if it is by consent--is it any of our business? I am a devotee of Swamiji and I don't demand that he be celibate.

Of course if any crimes have been committed then certainly the police should get involved.

Until then, it is up to each of us to use our intelligence and wait for the facts to come out.

As it is said in the Bible "Judge not lest you bring judgement unto yourself" I think the media would do well to learn this lesson.