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Monday, 22 March 2010

Spirit of Bharat and Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Bharat is the very land of spirituality. It’s been one place where human mind has always aspired for the ultimate, the divine with single pointed focus and in the process created everything else the world has ever known. The very fragrance of this beautiful culture has attracted people of all races and traditions from across the world from time immemorial and it’s still the case!

Bharat Mata has always been giving, giving and giving in the true motherly spirit to all those who came for whatever reason. Seekers have come with spiritual thirst, travelers came for darshan of amazing sights and beauty, academics came for the knowledge of shastras and scriptures, artists and musicians came to learn arts and at the same time marauders and all conquering armies came to plunder the immense wealth and just uproot the culture with the might of sword in their blind religious frenzy.

Needless to say, in a motherly way with true brahamanical spirit, Bharat Mata gave its all to whoever came for whatever purpose. So unfathomable has been the compassion that even those who came to plunder and molest were given its very life breath. Never once the men with sword were threatened with sword. This doesn’t mean Bharat Mata didn’t produce brave sons. Infact the bravery of it’s sons is unparalleled in the history of humanity. While the great cultures of Persia, Babylonia, Aztecs, Mayans and like were uprooted within a few years under the tyranny of sword, Bharat Mata’s sons stood tall like walls for several hundred years till any harm could befall on mother. We still live on as the only surviving continuous great culture from the past.

The motive was always self-defense. Harming the enemy was never our nature nor intention. Never ever was enemy border violated nor the women or children ever touched. Nay, we didn’t even consider anyone as enemy. Any aggression was just seen as a small mischief. A mother would always pardon her children no matter what they do, same way each time the sword was defeated and pardoned in the true motherly spirit.

However, men became cunning over time, values got eroded and instincts took over dharma. Money and power blinded humans in such a way that eyes are no longer able to see compassion and grace, ears are no longer receptive to the divine melody, smell of the spiritual fragrance doesn’t reach the nose and tongue is unable to express any gratitude.

In this changed world, mother is not sacred anymore. The all giver became the object of mockery and poverty. The mother who gave it’s very life and soul for its children, is ridiculed by the same children who no longer remember the past.  The new generation is ignorant of the glory and truth. Blinded with material ambition, they stand arm in arm with people who came and sucked the very blood of mother.

As long as Bharat Mata breathes, one thing, which never changed and will not change, is the beautiful tradition, the purest gem which mother has saved in her bosom. It’s the guru-shishya parampara, ie, the Guru –disciple tradition!

The real treasure, the knowledge, the spark of ultimate has been transferred for thousands and thousands of years from one generation to the other. Bharat is the land of great rishis, true sons of the divine who cared for nothing but service to humanity. Food, clothes, shelter, even a trace of personal comfort were not even their concern, they were ever ready to give even very backbone to liberate humanity and make it rise to next level of consciousness. This tireless works has never stopped and still goes on in the face of whatever obstacles society can create.

In this great tradition of Adi Shiva, Shankaracharya, Ramakrishna and Vivekananda another such selfless ever compassionate great rishi descended on this blessed land and the world called him Paramahamsa Nithyananda!

From the very young age of three it was clear to everyone around him that this boy was unique and destined for higher things. Ever absorbed in meditation and yogic practices, his favorite pastimes were making and worshipping clay idols and service at the Arunachaleshwara temple. Other enlightened masters of Tiruvannamalai, Yogi Ramsurat Kumar, Annamalai Swamigal and many more could see the greatness hidden in this small boy and loved his company.

Nithyananda’s whole life has been a selfless penance for the sake of humanity. He took on Parivrajaka (spiritual wandering) at the young age of 17 and traveled length and breadth of India to understand the people and needs of the time. During this period he also attained the ultimate state and realized his vision for the World. He came down to Bengaluru in 2002 and setup the Bidadi Ashram on 1 January 2003.

Ever since then, for the past seven years Swamiji has untiringly worked day and night without caring for any comforts or rest. He worked on all the dimensions of Vedic dharma simultaneously to bring life back to the great ancient truths and traditions. Imagine a mere boy of 25 years starting a mission and within seven years achieving what he has today. It’s incredible and only possible with that clairvoyance and the realization of oneness with divinity.

He brought back ancient meditation techniques to life and opened them to the whole world through several scientific programs like ASP, NSP, BSP, Inner Awakening and several more. His programs are unique in the sense that they don’t just give theoretical knowledge but also give direct experience. Recently in a 21 day Inner awakening program a survey was done and an overwhelming 98% people reported that they benefited tremendously and would recommend the program to everyone around them.

He gave insightful discourses in modern tongue on some of the greatest scriptures, Shiva Sutras, Bhagvad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Jain Sutras and Upanishads. He has already spoken an incredible 7,000 hours! And most of them have been made freely available through 600+ videos on Youtube for anyone who is interested. He also has authored over 200 books offering life solutions in various languages to people all across the world.

He brought life back to temples by taking keen interest in every aspect of temple activity and himself consecrating over 30 Vedic temples all over the World. People who have been to Dhyanapeetam Vedic temples attest to the fact that they are full of life and impart Vedic wisdom and peace in a unique way.
Service to the poor and needy is another important part of Swamiji’s vision. He is practical to the core and says unless the basic needs of food and education are met, no meditation techniques will bring any change. Dhyanapeetam ashrams and centers all over the world conduct free Anna Daan everyday. Bidadi and Tiruvannamalai ashram feed over one thousand kids free everyday. Free medical camps for needy are organized every week and not just consultation but medicines and surgical expenses are also covered by the Ashram. Free educational camps and meditation classes are conducted all over villages in South India and have benefited lakhs of people.

Swamiji has recently started several huge service projects to serve the people and uphold Santana dharma. He inaugurated the project for establishing 1008 schools all over the country to impart enlightenment-based education to the kids from a young age at near zero fees. Ashram funds 90% of the expenses for this service. He also started projects for the upkeep and maintenance of our heritage, some of our great temples, which lay in ruins.

Swamiji himself conducts free Bhagvad Gita satsangs and other mass programs where thousands of people come to get the knowledge and also darshan and blessings from the great master. Anyone who has been part of Kalpataru program or public darshan would have seen how Swamiji would sit for 10-12 hours at a stretch without any break and bless every single person individually. It simply requires effort, which is beyond human beings. His overflowing compassion is same for anyone and everyone.

Working untiringly over 20 hours a day continuously for last seven years, here Nithyananda is giving his life and blood for the people of Bharat and rest of the world and for the great Vedic Dharma and what do we do in return? Why does he need to do this? He neither has any desire nor time to enjoy any material goods.

Sword is back, only this time; it’s hidden under the might of pen and politics. Forces, which want to uproot every trace of ancient wisdom from Bharat, have been working for thousands of years. Whenever someone has risen up to breathe life into the great truths, he has been conspired against, manipulated and mired in endless small to big controversies and been forced to back track before anything significant could be achieved. We have numerous examples right from Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Osho, Kanchi Shankaracharya and some of the present day masters who have suffered the same fate.

Don’t think Vivekananda was as respected as he is now. When he was in U.S, the media and high clergy were working day and night against him. He had to face all kinds of charges and unthinkable allegations during his life. When a master is living, he is not seen in the same light, as he is when he is not in body. After so many years, now we respect and honor Vivekananda as a true lion of Bharat. As one who stood tall and told the world what Sanatana Dharma stands for and brought those timeless truths to light. Now we don’t even know the foolish and baseless controversies, which people created during his lifetime. However when he was in body he had to continuously answer not just the masses but also his own brother disciples and faced several tests.

Let us, sons and daughters of Bharat Mata wake up and see the big picture. Let us not miss again. Mother has suffered enough. It is time for us to stand up and be the pillars of support for her. Let us not be ignorant and side anymore with forces that are blinded by socio-religious frenzy and want to tear apart the great truths and their life support institutions.

Time has come where we need to rise up and be counted. It’s very easy to sit in the comfort of our living rooms, watch T.V. and come to conclusions. However, if we really care for the truth, let us do a little more, let us see the work done by Nithyananda and let us investigate and see the history of the people and channels involved. Let us not be swayed by small or big manipulated controversies. This is not the first time and knowing the forces at work against us, this will neither be the last time. Let us rise above these and work for the greater cause. The forgotten and neglected Bharat Mata who has been giving, giving and giving and waiting patiently for her sons to open their eyes one day and stand with her and for her.

If Nithyananda is missed, it will be a colossal loss for the whole civilization and I don’t know how many janmas it would take to overcome this setback if at all it could be overcome. Let’s invoke the sleeping spirit of Bharat and work for the truth before it is too late!

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