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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Why so much focus on Paramahamsa Nithyananda?

Enlightened Masters descend on planet earth for a purpose, which is to liberate the common man from shackles of cycle of birth and death. They re-establish what has been lost due to years of confusion, chaos, animosity between people and shuffling of races and religions. They fight resisting elements – the so-called evil elements, remind us of the eternal truths, elevate our consciousness and our connection with the divine – in essence empower us to achieve peace and freedom.

Human civilizations have been through humongous changes and cycles of evolution over the last thousand years, but what has not changed is the idea of survival of the fittest; the suppression of the weak by those who are powerful and man’s thirst to conquer not only nature but the fellow human beings. Handful rule thousands through fear and wield their power on the pivot of common man’s weaknesses.

Enlightened masters since time immemorial, be it Krishna, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Buddha, Jesus, Osho have stood tall like mighty lions against such forces. Each one of the masters has seen strong resistance in the form of physical force or strategic conspiracies to weaken the very roots of faith in these enlightened souls. Krishna was mocked at for being with gopikas; Swami Vivekananda for empowering Sister Nivedita to succeed him in his mission; Buddha was termed as an escapist for leaving his family and throne to achieve enlightenment; Jesus was betrayed for 30 silver coins and crucified; Osho was poisoned to death.

History repeats itself. It has repeated itself today. The wars which enlightened masters faced historically, Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda is facing today, only the weapons are modern.

Swami Nithyananda has been the victim of a huge strategic conspiracy organized to attack the very roots of his foundation – Vedanta. Vedanta upheld the power of a sanyaasi which Nithyananda re-established through his organization Dhyanapeetam. In this controversy, Swamiji has been clearly and strategically attacked exactly at the root of his strength through this sex scandal. The way the scandal sparked off, caught flames and spread into a massive fire within a few hours of its announcement, and without any proven evidence, shows undoubtedly how evil elements this time are at play! The evil, resisting elements are not just at play, they have been scheming for this scandal for a few months, or probably for a few years!!

In this 20th century world of today, when people all over are busy running a rat race, where from and why did a massive section of people get the time and intent to engineer and execute this massive massacre of Swamiji’s reputation on an issue so disconnected, not proven by court and utterly shallow in its nature ?? It is a clear case of this resisting mass of people with a thirst of power – and guess what, a thirst of power over even God himself, for God is the only authority which can threaten the evil with the Truth. And this thirst for power in this evil is to be quenched at any cost and under any insignificant pretence. The result – a massive plot against yet another Enlightened Master by instilling fear amidst the rest of the population of the world, fear of recognizing or rather even believing in Enlightened Masters, and gradually even losing faith in God himself. This subsequent loss in faith in God himself is TODAY the cause of sufferings in each person’s small world as well as the world at large.

When will this vicious cycle of Enlightened Masters coming down to expand our consciousness and evil elements focused to play God, end?? – THE DAY WE ALL REALISE THAT WE CANNOT PLAY GOD, infact we don’t need to play God as God is most-loving. God who comes down in the form of an Enlightened Master to show us the path, to teach us the Truth, to re-establish all that was, to transform the evil as well, is utmost compassionate… does not judge… is simply here to remind us that we are all a part of him!!! You recognize this Truth today or tide into pain-joy cycle for another thousand years… before another Enlightened Master decides to come… or doesn’t come at all!

How difficult is it to recognize who is an Enlightened Master?? Even the evil elements today have recognized Swami Nithyananda. Is it not why they are threatened by his power – the power of God??

Can’t you all who are not part of this evil mass recognize that which even the evil mass has recognized? Overpower your weakness right here… break this vicious cycle right here – God is bigger than the evil. And thus simply understand and stand tall by the Truth that you are all a part of God… who is down on this Earth as our Enlightened Master… Swami Nithyananda… who says “I’m not here to say I am God, I’m here to show you that you are God.”… come and merge in Him, because in him we all exist… in Him can we rest in bliss… in Him can we be in Nithyananda!

Listen to Swami Paramahansa Nithyananda's first Samadhi experience:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful article... i'm totally in line with what u have said above about divinity. If atleast the youth of today's world does not realise the power that faith in god has, how will we ever be able to change our rotten world?

Uxmal_Anabella Pena Monzon said...

I am doing all I can to help flag all these lies and fake video copies from Net, we must help because he brings Enlightment to a world deeply in need

Uxmal_Anabella Pena Monzon said...

we need to do all we can to flag fake videos off you tube, Master represents Enlightment we fight for truth agains ignorance

Uxmal_Anabella Pena Monzon said...

we fight for Positive Media and Enlightment, Master is Enlightened, we must flag all tose abusive videos as inappropiate, and help post links to clarify Master was facing a Conspiract defamation.

Anonymous said...

I felt, you just read my mind.
I am 100% with you. Nothing more to say ..


Anonymous said...

when our perspective about the world changes the world actually changes