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A Q&A section has been started by Real Facts Team to address some negative shoots on the articles we have put up on this blog. In order to:

  • Maintain sanctity of the blog
  • Avoid it from becoming an ordinary propaganda website (like all the others on this topic!!!), and
  • Give a conducive environment for people to make their own opinions
We have decided to cut down the negative prophecies in comments that we have been getting. Instead, we have taken up some valid counter arguments verbatim by readers, and prepared a Q&A as below for you guys.

Criticizing based on unawareness is a mark of ignorance, while criticizing or appreciating based on full awareness is a mark of wisdom!

We’re very sure this will be very useful for people who are trying to wisely analyse things here.  

Q1.         “Can’t high levels of Dopamine imply malfunction?”

A1.          A human being is malfunctioned or not can be better examined by a very experienced doctor or researcher or subject-matter expert, not by common people like us who have no idea about medicine!

Read the post “Mind of a Mystic” by R. Murali Krishna, M.D. (President, James L. Hall, Jr. Center for Mind, Body & Spirit; President, INTEGRIS Mental Health, Oklahoma; President COO, INTEGRIS Mental Health and James L. Hall, Jr. Center for Mind, Body and Spirit).

Also, read the research by Dr. Collins (board certified neurotherapist who serves as the Clinical Director for Reintegrative Health Institute and Migraine Relief Institute and has 30yrs of experience in this field) in the post Proof of Authenticity.

These doctors have also made reference to Einstein while studying Swamiji’s mind, so please look at their conclusions (in the video) for your analysis.

Q2.         “Since Swamiji charges for his programs, doesn’t this show he is not genuine as in olden times, masters did not used to charge?”

 “If Krishna never charged Arjuna, how can Swamiji charge us – this shows he is not genuine?”

 “In olden days, Inner Awakening was done my Masters for free; and today Wow – charging $6000 for Inner Awakening, this clearly shows the guru is fake.”

In ancient times, monarchies existed. The king would take care of the Education Industry run by Brahmins as Masters. Today, democracies rule and hence WE, the stakeholders of this democratic setup, are responsible to take care of the Master’s mission to educate people.
Here are some very important facts:
  • Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam does not receive ANY financial support, minute or substantial, from any state / center government or NGO or other private or public institution.

  • In today's world, the taxes paid by common man do not go into king's treasury and spent wisely on basic infrastructure, let alone spiritual activities and programs for human welfare. Rather, they don’t even guarantee safe drinking water. It could easily be proven that a very major portion of India's population spends significant quantum of money on ensuring clean drinking water - which was available for free in earlier times!

  • Free social services and work conducted by Dhyanapeetam such as - Free food (1.8 million people offered food in 2009), Free Medical Camps (including mobile health vans and free healing), Free education, Free life transforming courses - Life Bliss Technology,  programs for empowering women and short term as well as long term relief work - can easily cost CRORES of rupees. Let’s take an example: Covering simple food program for 1.8 million people, assuming food provided each time is Rs. 10 is Rs. 1.8cr!
  • Infrastructure maintained by Dhyanapeetam globally - Ashrams, Vedic Temples, Meditation halls etc. is humongous, and any corporate attempting to maintain similar infrastructure would spend at least thrice as much. Any organization conducting any professional learning programs - be it an academic institute or professional learning organization charges a lot more even for a 3 day course conducted using similar facilities used by Nithyanandam Dhyanapeetam.
List of Ashrams and centers globally:
  • A typical ashramite lives on few pairs of clothes, extremely simple food - 2 times a day and very basic accommodation (Sanyasi hall accommodates 40+ ashramites in one hall). However, even these very basic facilities require money given the current inflationary environment.
  • In ancient times, apart from king's support and donations, Brahmins used to receive "Bhiksha" from common men. The principle was to give even the last grain of food to a Brahmin or guest first than to satisfy own hunger. How many of us today spend even a small amount on helping Brahmins - scientists of inner world, carry on their research work for our own use? In fact, let alone helping scientific research, only a handful of people make considerable effort to help the poor, the needy and those below poverty line struggling to survive every second in this world.
We urge each and everyone to take charge; assume responsibility and stand up to lend helping hand in this noble cause, than point fingers!

Q3.         “With all this medical research in your post, what are you trying to prove?”

A3.          We are trying to prove that a mystic mind needs to be protected as in his mission; he is working on putting an order to this chaotic world. So don’t compare him with a normal human being. We are making a petition to save this mystic mind, so please join our hands!