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Tribute to Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Here is a bouquet of the most fragrant Bhakti testimonials from the devotees of Swami Nithyananda...

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He has been my strength always and nothing can shake that.Even if the video is true it cannot change my experiences in the ashram or every time I met him.I truly admire you Swamiji”. 

Hiral Gohil

Swami is to me THE KALIYUGA AVATAR. He has come to transform our lives and he is doing it at such pace that many are unable to digest. All my friends and family who have seen Swamiji or attended his meditation classes are leading life with clarity and contentment. I have introduced at least a 100 people into meditation and today those people are immensely thankful to me. After coming across Swami I knew that I had taken this birth to be liberated by a SADGURU .When i became aware of this I started to live life with great clarity. Decision making has become easy, fear has gone. I am able to appreciate and understand GITA, Satcharitra, Ramayana and BIBLE and find the All Sadgurus descend for the same purpose. Their method of teaching may be different.

My health has improved manifold. Doing meditation I stopped seeking doctors. My clarity has improved. I can easily understand and accept things. I do not get angry for most things –because found the meaning of life and so don't get perturbed for simple things. I am at peace with myself. I don’t have to ask for things. What I want just gets fulfilled due to his grace. When I listen to SWAMI I fully know HE is speaking only the truth. I live my life based on HIS teachings - every move I question how would swami expect me to behave in this instance. I try to take responsibility as much as given, sleep and eat less - This is what our GURU has taught us. Today I don’t have to see Swami- I can always feel his presence, I feel connected all the time. Swami is the greatest gift to humanity - I can only pity those who fail to realize this and miss the boat.

But God has given free will. Choice is ours. I feel blessed every day that I was born in this age when AVATAR has descended and we see, listen and talk to HIM. Intelligent are those who have been able to appreciate this. For the rest who have not understood it is in their fate. Whatever the media has portrayed has not affected me ---I am only unhappy that our regular classes are getting delayed and therefore people are not able to attend ASP, Inner Awakening at the scheduled dates. All this may also be part of cosmic play. Our Swami has taught us to observe and simply witness all that is happening.

I am waiting without any anxiety for things to close soon. Sure enough our SWAMI's name and fame will increase many fold after these happenings. I remember Swamis teaching's that every thing is auspiciousness and these events are also happening with a reason.I think words cannot adequately express the benefits Swamis descent has made to myself and humanity. Blessed are those who are able to appreciate this. NITHYANANDAM


You changed our lives, no matter what the world says you will live in my heart for ever. Every step I make in my life you voice guides us, and I pray that you come out of all these small issues and guide us further.


Thank you for giving me opportunity to express my feelings for Swamiji. And Thank you Swamiji for showing up in your statement to world.
I love you and you are such a great person of Integrity. I don’t care what the media writes about you and shows this video to everyone. Of course I am hurt by them doing this to you and to all people who love you and have Faith. But they can’t take my Faith in you. They can’t take away my Love for you. I met you in December in Ashram and for a very short time only three days. But I had opportunity to have your sacred blessings four times during those days and that Compassion and True Love I felt from you is not going to be washed away by this videos...
You have protected me and my son and you are always with us. Whenever I call you, you come. How can that be possible otherwise if you were not God? I love your teachings and Discourse. I love everything about you. By the way, I don’t care whether you had romantic relationship with someone or not. I never expected you or command that you should live in Celibacy. It is your choice and your private life. That has nothing to do with your Love, Compassion and Divine Teachings you give us. You still remain God, the Divine Guru for us.

Thank you and Love you from Shahin in Sweden

This is to tesify that since I have met Swamiji in Canada my life has changed for the better.  He is a beautiful peaceful person.  I hope that he can be safe and continue his wonderful teachings throughout the world to make it a better place.  Love to you Swamiji,,,we pray that God sees you through all of this....”